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The Range St. Louis West is a St. Louis shooting range, firearms, ammunition retailer and accessories retail store.  The new facility features 20 shooting lanes rated up to 30-06, interactive targets, expanded retail space, tactical shooting simulator and expanded training area/classrooms offering CCW licensing classes, tactical training, self-defense.  

Due to the immense amount of gun residue inherent in any live ammunition shooting range, it was imperative from the outset to have significant air flow and discharge of potentially toxic airborne materials.  Additionally, because of the gun residue, there was no ability to utilize traditional, externally wrapped galvanized ductwork. Nor, due to designparameters, was there adequate overhead spacing available to hang traditional duct.  Due to the need to expunge poor indoor air, an underground duct systems would need to be installed thereby providing adequate removal of all gun residue.

Lastly, as one can imagine, the sound in a gun shooting range attenuating to the retail sales floor can be quite overwhelming.  

RF Meeh, determined that utilizing SMACNA approved R6 Koolduct would solve many of the owner’s problems. Koolduct is a phenolic duct with R-values up to R-20 which does not require external wrapping, and can also be hung snug to the ceiling decking providing space savings.

In total, RF Meeh installed 300+ of lineal feet of Koolduct, including VAV’s, dampers and stiffeners where necessary, which were then painted to meet the indoor decor of the architect’s design.  The size of the Koolduct assemblies also allowed RF Meeh to meet NC25 sound criteria.

In addition to the ductwork, RF Meeh was the mechanical contractor providing and installing the 20 tons of air conditioning supplied by four (4) 5 ton units.  RF Meeh also installed all of the PVC lined duct for the undergound duct.  

For it’s part RF Meeh completed mechanical and ductwork on the  project in three months allowing the retail facility to open on time.  Additionally, RF Meeh employees wred nearly 2,500 man-hours without an incident.