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Outdoor Duct SOLVED 

There is simply no duct like it in the world.  Thermaduct combines the best of air distribution technology with choice outdoor, vinyl, weather barrier creating a duct that offers the highest R value and lowest air leakage rates in the industry.  Unsurpassed performance was the goal to create a duct that can not only deliver every cubic foot of air it is fed, but to treat the air with the utmost respect by not exposing it to fibrous or volatile organic chemical latent liners.  

Delivering Performance While Saving Energy

Thermaduct is the only duct which exhibits a higher Indoor Air Quality, choice of R-Values, and is a leader in energy efficient design.  

An Outdoor Duct With A Higher IAQ

Thermaduct is Kingspan Koolduct fortified. The perfect duct would not harbor or promote the growth of bacteria and would not allow air to leak in or out of the duct.  Thermaduct and Koolduct performance exceeds the standards of other duct offerings on the market today.  Consistent delivery of air over a non-corrosive aluminum surface with no open fibers over closed cell rigid thermoset resin insulation makes Thermaduct a perfect IAQ solution for your high specification indoor and outdoor ducting project.

Thermaduct | Outdoor Ductwork SolutionsThermaduct offers industry solutions like no other that meet or exceed the ASHRAE and ICC Energy codes, not only today but for the next 10 years. 

Choice of "R"

Customers can choose from one of the following or request custom values built to order. 

  • R-8.1 (1x 30mm Panel)
  • R-12 (1x 45mm Panel)
  • R-14.1 (1x 30mm Panel; 1x 22mm Panel)
  • R-16.2 (2x 30mm Panel)
  • R-20 (2x 22mm Panel; 1x 30mm Panel)

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design

The promotion to Leadership in Energy Efficient Design (LEED) is a goal to aspire to.  No matter what level of achievement you set out to attain, Thermaduct outdoor ducting solutions will help you meet your goal by providing points for high energy efficient product, zero ozone depletion, and innovative product to name a few.  While many will ignore the simple fact that the R-Value of most duct systems are less than 1/3 the value on the roof...all the while the temperature can be 2 times more, your choices EARN YOU GREEN, now and in the future.