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What are the Benefits of a Whole Home Humidifier?
It's winter and you may be experiencing that dry nose, irritated eyes and dry skin in the morning.  If so, you may have too little humidity in your house.  During the winter, your furnace can suck out all of the moisture in home leaving you to wonder why you are so uncomfortable.  Furnaces are designed to heat up a home so it's no wonder doors may not shut properly, wood floors tend to creak a little more, and everyone in the house tends to get sick a little easier.   A whole home humidifier may be one option to help solve many of th...

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The next generation of Thermaduct™ has arrived!  Thermaround™, a pre-Insulated, low leakage duct solution for applications requiring spiral duct is now available in St. Louis.  Offering the same great vinyl cladded protection as rectangular Thermaduct™, Thermaround™ is an excellent solution for the outdoor elements. This high R-value system offers an R-12 insulated value and extremely low air leakage. Thermaround™ uses the same UV stable 1000 micron vinyl cladding for a durable solution that will naturally shed water. In the interior, air passes over a smooth aluminum ...

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Thermaround St. Louis, Spiral Outdoor Duct
Fenton, MO - Local mechanical contractor, sheet metal fabricator and residential HVAC contractor, R.F. Meeh Company, recently opened a state of the art engineering and construction training center in Fenton, MO to offer training and education to construction specifiers and installers on the newest wave in sustainable ductwork - Koolduct® and Thermaduct.  Specifically geared to educate and train mechanical engineers, facilities managers and other sheet metal contractors on the capabilities and installation procedures for Koolduct® and Thermaduct, the 3,000-square foot facility opened on May 11, 2017.  T...

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Koolduct, Thermaduct, Training Center, St. Louis MO

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