Fabrication Services

Fabrication Services

St. Louis Fabrication ServicesRF Meeh Company has more than 100 years as a sheet metal fabricator.  Our union sheet metal workers fabricate and weld steel, galvanized aluminum, black iron, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper.  Our capabilities include fabrication of low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure ductwork for all contractor needs.

In conjunction with Local 36 union sheet metal workers and SMACNA, RF Meeh is committed to producing the highest quality work with union craftsmen.

The average tenure of our field employees is 20 years.  Being actively involved in the local trades allows us to make sure we always have the capacity and flexibility to meet the demands of any project type and delivery method

Additionally, by utilizing union employees we are certain the final product will meet the latest best practices and precision needed to make certain that owners have no future issues with low air leakage, poor indoor air quality (IAQ) or other problems relating to poor workmanship and installation.

We fabricate sheet metal duct work for end users, contractors and even our competitors from time to time. Our training and delivery methods are continually updated to make sure we are offering the latest trends and demands of our industry.

RF Meeh is the only certified Koolduct and Thermaduct fabricator in St.Louis, Mid-Missouri, Central and Southern Illinois.