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HVAC Company in St. Louis

HVAC Contractor in St. LouisWhether a new commercial, residential, industrial project, an upgrade to an existing system, or an emergency repair, R.F. Meeh Company has extensive experience working on all HVAC systems relating to Chillers, Boilers, Cooling Towers, Furnaces, Evaporative Condensers, Roof top units, and make-up air units.

Additionally we fabricate and install ductwork inclusive in the system.  In all instances, it is our goal to offer service which is responsive, constructible, and environmentally responsible.

St. Louis HVAC CompanyThe ability to respond quickly, 24/7/365 is a necessity in the St. Louis metropolitan area. The weather changes from extreme cold in the winters to extreme heat in the summers. Each situation is different and unique to our customers.

Our technicians have vast experience advising customers of the many options presented to provide a responsible solution to their unique situation.

Once a solution has been agreed upon, R.F. Meeh Company then plans, manages and guarantees a quality workmanship on the project at hand.